About us

Pioneer & leader of Wireless Fronthaul

Founded in 2005 by Alain Rolland and Christian Bittar, EBlink is headquartered just outside of Paris, France. In 2013, a subsidiary was created in California’s Silicon Valley.

The company is backed by several investment funds. 

In 2012, the French government created a strategic innovation fund to help finance pioneering companies in the digital sector. EBlink was the first of just a dozen companies selected for this financing.

The distinguished members of the company’s board of administrators and strategic committee are testimony to the significance & promise of EBlink’s « Wireless Fronthaul » technology. 

EBlink’s research & development programs are at the heart of company strategy, a continuing investment to keep our roadmap consistent with industry expectations.

EBlink maintains a permanent technology watch, and participates, as a member of the ETSI organization, in the establishment of international industry standards. 

EBlink is revolutionizing the fronthaul with WIRELESS

Welcome to a world of possibilities