Introducing FrontLink™

FrontLinkTM: EBlink wireless fronthaul solution

EBlink’s wireless fronthaul solution allows for faster deployment, providing easy and cost-effective ways to expand network capacity and coverage in urban / suburban areas.

Adding remote sectors (macro or small cells) represents a fraction of the cost of building brand new cell sites or deploying a dedicated small cell underlay network.

For micro sectors / small cells applications, EBlink’s wireless fronthaul technology offers the same benefits as wireless backhaul, without the disadvantages associated with backhaul integration and heterogeneous networks.

This breakthrough technology has made EBlink the leading wireless fronthaul vendor, with deployments in several tier 1 operator networks.

EBlink’s second generation design is compact, lightweight and supports multi-sector applications in a single link. EBlink’s wireless fronthaul technology interfaces digitally to base station vendors’ baseband (BBU) and remote radio head (RRH) equipment.The wireless fronthaul link preserves the performance of the downlink and uplink radio signals, and meets the KPIs required by mobile operators on their networks.

FrontLinkTM is available in a variety of frequency bands, starting with the popular FrontLinkTM 58 product for operation in the license exempt 5.8 GHz band.

FrontLink™ 58


FrontLinkTM58 : Compact all-in-one outdoor wireless fronthaul unit

Compact all-in-one outdoor wireless fronthaul unit

EBlink’s compact all-in-one outdoor wireless fronthaul unit provides a wireless connection between the base station processing element (BBU) and the remote radio heads (RRU).

It offers a practical and economical alternative to the optical fiber generally used to connect the BBU and the RRU.


  • performances
  • 7.5 Gb/s wireless CPRI in 70 MHz
  • LTE & UMTS – any frequency bands
  • From one to three sectors
  • Flexible line of sight, up to 4 Km max depending on regulation and antenna kit used (contact EBLINK for more details)


FrontLink™ 58 : outstanding performances

FrontLinkTM 58 manages up to three CPRI links

With three CPRI ports on a single link, the Baseband Unit (BBU) can be connected to up to three Remote Radio Heads (RRH), enabling interoperability with a wide range of base station and radio providers.



  • benefits
  • Field proven technology
  • Groundbreaking spectral efficiency
  • LTE Advanced ready
  • Wireless fronthaul as a centralized RAN enabler
  • Wireless fronthaul maximizes TCO reduction

Field proven technology

EBlink’s FrontLinkTM 58 solution has been deployed on commercial networks by mobile operators around the world. It achieves radio KPIs comparable to those obtained with an optical fiber connection, preserving both downlink and uplink radio performance.

  • “In just a few months, EBlink has demonstrated that it can attain the ambitious performance levels predicted. It’s remarkable”, comments Jean-Luc Vuillemin, director of the Orange France network.


Groundbreaking spectral efficiency

EBlink’s FrontLinkTM 58 solution allows up to three independent channels on a single wireless fronthaul link, supporting up to tri-sector site configurations or tri-band remote sectors. Thanks to its groundbreaking spectral efficiency, the FrontLinkTM 58 solution is capable of carrying up to 7.5 Gbps CPRI in less than 70MHz of spectrum, using both polarizations.

Another benefit of this spectral efficiency is the possibility for a high concentration of wireless fronthaul links within a given geographical area, significantly boosting network capacity where needed.

Thanks to its industry-leading spectral efficiency, and unlike any other wireless fronthaul solutions available for which the millimeter band is required, EBlink’s wireless fronthaul technology is suitable for either licensed or unlicensed bands.

LTE-Advanced ready

1.5FrontLinkTM 58 has a future-proof design compatible with interference management techniques: carrier aggregation, CoMP, Massive MIMO.

Wireless fronthaul as a Centralized RAN enabler

2.3EBlink’s FrontLink™ 58 products offer a convenient, low-risk and flexible solution to future distributed RAN architectures such as Cloud RAN or local Cloud RAN.

FL58-45 Datasheet 3.6

FL58-60 Datasheet 3.6

FrontLink™ Front End Module


EBlink frontlink front end module


EBlink’s FrontLink™ Front End Modules digitally interface to a central baseband unit (BBU) or to a remote radio unit (RRU) via CPRI. Together they provide a highly efficient, low latency connectivity solution to integrate RAN processing or transmission applications or modules.The modules can support up to 10 Gbps of CPRI traffic, distributed over up to three ports, using a single module. The FrontLink Front End Modules are the hardware building blocks for RAN application and module developers wishing to integrate via a fronthaul interface into a mobile network. EBlink also provides customized integration support and software to ease the task of RAN integration.

FrontLink™ Evaluation Module



Frontlink evaluation module

FrontLink FL-FEM EVM
In order to allow Customers or Partners to become familiar with its technology for wireless or wireline, EBlink
proposes the integration of its FL-FEM modules into a laboratory evaluation platform.
This platform will facilitate test and validation of interconnection with different transport modules to
anticipate and develop next generation systems that will contribute to accelerate densification and centralization of the mobile access network while preserving existing investments.




Wireless fronthaul maximizes TCO reduction




Mobile operators wrestle with many unknowns as they develop new strategies to modernize their networks.
EBlink’s wireless fronthaul addresses these challenges head-on; its state-of-the-art products provide the ideal solution for the deployment of both macro sites and small cells, with outstanding performance and rapid, flexible, reliable installations at low cost.
Complementary to fibre-based Fronthaul, EBlink’s wireless fronthaul solutions also drive a significant reduction in deployment costs: up to 40% in most scenarios. Specifically, EBlink’s patented technology eliminates the last few hundred metres of fibre that are so costly for mobile-telecoms operators, being long and difficult to deploy.


DRan centralized RAN Cloud RAN

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