EBlink: Industrial and technological partnerships

Interested in benefiting from EBlink’s advanced efficient fronthaul?

EBlink’s efficient fronthaul technology can benefit a wide range of applications and network segments, including uses cases with microwave, millimeter wave, optical or copper media.

EBlink’s new strategy focuses on its advanced fronthaul technology and know-how, and on building technological partnerships with key players of the existing and next generation mobile networks.
Fronthaul is a key enabler for network densification outdoor and indoor for Public or Enterprise and is ready for C-RAN and V-RAN transition.


EBlink’s technology enables unique patented solutions to create connections between BBUs and RRHs through any wireless link (sub-6, microwave or millimeter bands) or wire( optical or copper) with unmatched spectral efficiency.
Our technology can deliver a largest number of CPRI channels while maintaining 3GPP-grade network performance.


Major mobile Operators expressed their interest in seeing this technology integrated in multi-vendors solutions to contribute to their RAN expansion plan.
EBlink’s technology has been operational for years on networks around the world and was awarded during MWC 16.

EBlink’s Efficient Fronthaul technology is available to developers seeking a more efficient way to interface within a Cloud RAN / Virtual RAN environment.
In order to facilitate and accelerate the spread of this innovation to the market, EBlink is now offering equipment vendors the opportunity to get access to this disruptive technology through our compact and powerful FL-FEM module.


EBlink’s Front Link Front End Module (FL-FEM®): the power of efficient fronthaul on a board.

EBlink’s FrontLink FEM is the latest in CPRI-based efficient fronthaul. Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, the FL-FEM packs for rate 7 interfaces. This product is designed for integration at the baseband/IF levels within a microwave, millimeter wave or fiber optic transmission system.

A « fast proof of concept program » has been established to offer efficient validation and scope of work definition.
Thanks to unique fronthaul know how, EBlink also provides integration support services and testing processes to facilitate system or software integration.